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Is it possible to get the King and how?

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  • Is it possible to get the King and how?

    Hello, sorry if the info is already somewhere in the forum because I could not find it and not sure what I found aged a few years ago is still accurate:
    Is it possible to get the King ? Seems he was previously available in the Mega Mystery boxes but I could not find him in the list. And not sure if he’s in one EO that could be proposed again as well.
    I would really greatly appreciate to add him in the mountain along with Johan and Peewit !
    thank you

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    Hey there, Shandomoon You can obtain The King through an Exclusive Offer. I think he was also in the premium Mega Mystery Box at one time but I am not sure if he is in there anymore. You can request for him to be offered here:


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      Thank you, I Will do that!