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Video Hut Is Not Playing Videos

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  • Video Hut Is Not Playing Videos

    Is there a fix to not being able to play videos?

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    There are no videos to play because of the pandenic. Alot of places are closed at present and people not working because of covid 19 virus which has taken the lives of thousands. One of the few countries to return to a sort of normal is nz but sadly the virus is running rampant worldwide and people are losing their lives. Until the virus is completely gone then I don't think there will be any videos to watch.


    • Keegan
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      I would think that but one of my friends is able to watch videos

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    The short answer is probably not Keegan, if you have tried rebooting your device and it has not helped. You can try submitting a ticket here:

    The video hut has been giving a number of players problems for a long, long time. It depends on what device you are playing on, the country you are in and perhaps what version of an operating system you are using and which videos are in the rotation. There has been no fix for the problems.

    There are a number of topics pertaining to the video hut issues. In the future, please use the search function in the upper left corner of the forum to find whether someone has already started a topic so you can post things pertaining to that issue there. You can usually find existing topics relevant to your questions or problems more quickly too! When searching, it sometimes helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update” (which is the default) after you do your initial search!
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      I say the above because other games I play same thing there are no videos to watch. I do not think it is a bug. Take smurfs village and the magical neadow another of pop reach games they took over. Same thing the video hutt is not broken there are no videos to watch. Be patient and eventually there will be. The whole world is in the middle of a pandemic and until that stops I think what you are seeing will continue. I also play a game called maze fiesta and in the game you can watch videos like the smurfs game. But as said there are no videos to watch. I could watch videos before the pandemic just not right now because of the pandemic. It is an external company supplying the videos. Perhaps they have not been able to supply videos because again a pandemic has forced them to close


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        This is not the issue (world events) if you have a kindle fire. There is a known issue as Cupcake mentioned. The video function does not work.


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          A Papa Smurf quest requires me to watch a short video in the Video Hut. However, when I try, the video never appears and the game errors out. There’s a problem in getting the video to just appear and play.


          • Cupcake
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            Hi Nik, and welcome to the forum! Please read my answer #3 above. Also, can you please tell me what level you are on, and what device you are playing on?

            We are very happy to see you here on the forum, and in the future, you can use the Search function in the upper left corner of the forum so you can post things pertaining to that issue or find answers to your questions more quickly in an existing topic, rather than starting a new one. It oftens helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update”!