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Any new way to get stardust?

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  • Any new way to get stardust?

    Hi smurfy all,

    Hope all is well. I think some remembers me - it’s been more than 2 years to play Smurf’s village. This two years were a lot to me, changed a place to live, a job, ... everything.

    I have more than 20 wonders to catch up (oops this is a lot...!) I know how to get woods, stones, and dyes, but the large amount of stardust is lucking out for wonders. I know
    • Craters
    • Archeologist Hut
    • Engineer Hut
    • Mini games
    give is stardust, but are there any new method?
    Appreciate any help.

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    Hey Smurfy-smurfy Stardust is still the hardest and most frustrating resource to accumulate, but the new Engineers Hut and the Coaster Hut in the Main Village give stardust daily (along with other resources) once you have all the small stations placed as well. Also Brainy Smurfs Hut on the Planet gives a max of five stardust a day once teleporters are placed around it. And some of the Statues from Homibus’ Tome give out stardust daily as well.


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      Thank you very much @AlleycatttSmurf!
      I didn’t know we have the engineers hut in MV. I was talking the one in the mountain.
      Now I purchased Engineers and Coaster in MV, and Brainy in Space started giving me 2 stardust. This is huge progress!! I’m looking for Homibus now.

      Your advice was really helpful. Thanks again

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    Welcome back, @Smurfy-smurfy!!!


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      Thanks Sushi! Sorry I disappeared.

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    I, too, am trying to catch up on the wonders and need stardust.
    I noticed that my stardust was increasing faster than it should from the normal sources that were listed.
    One thing I found is that digging on the mountain gives stardust.
    When you 'dig up all' from the back hoe, the list of what is found is displayed ($, XP, wood, etc.), but no stardust.
    However, when I looked at my stardust before and again after 'dig up all', I noticed that it increased.
    The increase varies with every dig, but, with 245 smurfs digging, I get 15-40 stardust per dig.


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      Thank you Imlucki, I did not know the mountain digging gives us stardust!
      I also checked the number of stardust before and after dig. Yes indeed it gave me stardust. Now my smurfs on Mountain are busy digging. Wish we have auto-place mult digging like Submersible. Thanks again for information!

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    you can get daily stardust from the homnibus smurf tome, as well.

    edit: oops, already mentioned... good luck


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      Thank you SopilsismSmurf
      I am still looking for Homnibus smurf. I have not found him yet lol

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    Smurfy-smurfy Homnibus Smurf Tome is this book that needs to be placed in your Village (shown top left). You can tap on the book to see pages for what needs to be placed, won or built to be able claim the statues that give daily resources.

    This image shows all the statues that offer stardust (there are more pages for other statues that don’t give stardust, but give other resources - and one that gives a weekly smurfberry).


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      I am sorry for replying you late, AlleycatttSmurf. My job got crazy busy, and all of my crops were withered for weeks.

      I did not know that the number of statues from Homnibus Smurfs increased! I thought I claimed all statues, but I have MANY statues to claim. Thank you very much for your time to take screenshots and let me know the useful information!

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      No worries Smurfy-smurfy , happy to help🤗🤗🤗

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    Here's what I've found for getting Stardust:
    - The Coaster and Train in the Main Village (you need all three stations) gives 10 stardust each every 24hrs
    - The Train on the Mountain (you need all three stations) gives 10 stardust every 24hrs
    - Archeologist in space gives 24 stardust every 24hrs (120 swoofs, 10 swoofs per dig gives 2 stardust per dig)
    - The appropriate statues from Homnibus' Tome gives 48 stardust every 24hrs.

    So, every day, I am guaranteed 102 stardust (10+10+10+24+48)

    On top of this, there is:
    - Digging on the mountain (every 30 min, average of ~20 stardust per dig)
    - Craters in space (every 30 min, average of ~12 stardust per dig)
    - Various mini games (Camper, Enamoured Smurf, Pirate, Archeologist Discovery, etc)

    All of this combined, I get at least 200 stardust every day, depending on how often I dig on the mountain or clear craters in space.