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Does paleo smurf and explorers animals add to critter limit?

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  • Does paleo smurf and explorers animals add to critter limit?

    Not sure if I should get either because I'm close to the limit on my island. And I know caveman animals add to the limit... do the others?

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    Hi md432 , Caveman and Paleo Smurfs’ dinos do not add to the critter count. Only free roaming (not tap to roam) critters and smurfs do this. Thankfully they haven’t been added to the game in a long time.


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      Oh ok thank you! I found a post here that talked about caveman and the critter count so I got confused!

      What about explorer? Sorry, just covering my bases here


      • AlleycatttSmurf
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        md432 Explorer’s animals don’t count towards your critter limit either. Only things that roam freely in your Village.

        For example the hatched eggs on the Planet, snails and caterpillars, the black knight, medicine dog, Dalmatian, and Exclusive Offers like pink Fuzzles, water dragon, hamster ball etc all count towards your limit.

        But anything that you place that you have to tap to make it roam around your game will not count.

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      Whoops forgot to tag you AlleycatttSmurf