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Are rare seeds working?

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  • Are rare seeds working?

    I have not received any rare seeds in over a week. I do primarily harvest camu but have tried other crops. Is anyone exiles having this issue?

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    I have not seen them or received any crop stars for them. I bought the camu when it first came out.


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      I have seen strange things since the game's last updated, constant closed, no rare seed or less... same as stardust less or none


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        I do not think that the acai, the camu camu, or the new Valentine crops give rare seeds or have any stars associated with them. I think only the original flower crops that are exclusive to the island give rare seeds. For seeds, my favorite crops are the lilies, the lady’s slippers, and the snapdragons. Even with those three, you may only get one or two per cycle, with about 100 Smurfs.


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          I’m getting seeds and stardust as normal. I tend to go with lilies or hyacinths. I agree with Cupcake that Camu Camu has never given me seeds, on the rare occasion I grow it by a mistake in the Grove. Don’t forget digging on the mountain gives you stardust too, although it’s not in the reward count that’s displayed.