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How does the Character/Critter Limit work on the Swoof Planet?

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  • How does the Character/Critter Limit work on the Swoof Planet?

    With the new update focusing on the Planet I would like to know how the character limit works. For example I have 108 Smurfs but only 97 Swoofs. I just leveled up and can not build a new Swoof hut. I also tried buying a Swoof with SB just for it to never appear, but I lost my 5 SB were taken. Does anyone know what is up with the planet?

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    AllissaAnn the Character/Critter Limit on the Swoof Planet works a bit differently than all of the other areas. While the Main Village for example has a Character/Critter Limit of 245, the Planet's Limit is actually split into two separate parts. For the first part you have a Limit of 125 that both your Smurfs and Roaming Space Critters (the ones hatched from Mystery Eggs) share together. For the second part, you have a Limit of 125 that only applies to your Swoofs. Both of those separate Character/Critter Limits combine together to give you an overall Character/Critter Limit of 250 for the entire area.

    You also asked why you could not build more Swoof huts. The Swoof huts are only unlocked by constellations, so that must mean you have already finished all the available constellations. Lastly, you mention buying a Swoof with 5SB. The Smurfs cost 5SB and the Swoofs cost. 10SB, are you sure you didn't buy a Smurf instead of a Swoof?


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      Thanks Spelling Bee for getting back to me so quickly, on a Saturday no doubt. You're the best!


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        when I go to the character menu on the planet, it shows the number of Smurfs I have (currently 125) and below it states critter limit 125. When I click on the Swoof icon it also shows the current number of Swoofs (currently 124) and below it says critter limit 125.

        Question is - do both Smurfs and Swoofs contribute to the Critter limit and is the limit therefore 125 or 250?


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          It’s a total of 250, which includes 125 of each.


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            The critter limit is 125 and only smurfs contribute to it. The total character count is 250: 125 spots are reserved for swoofs, but the 125 smurfs count is the count that also includes critters. So you can have 125 swoofs and 100 smurfs and 25 critters. But not 125 smurfs, 100 swoofs and 25 critters. I have 125 smurfs, but only 81 swoofs and have zero critters running around because my critter limit (aka the smurfs count) is reached with the 125 smurfs that I have.
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