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  • Question about Friend Requests

    Hi, I’m a new player, and all the friends that I’ve tried adding are pending. I know it means that they haven’t accepted the friend request, but I was also wondering where friend requests show up on the game. Also, could there be a problem with my account that doesn’t allow friend requests to go through?

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    Hi! Ariana Well I share you and what I know, and once the bottom of the left side are friends. There are the tabs, on the friends tab, when they send you the application, it is where it appears so that you accept them, it should be noted that you must be connected with your smurf id so you can have friends
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      Friend requests show up in the same tab as existing friends, so unless they go to that tab, they will not see requests.

      There is probably not an issue with your account; there may be a couple of reasons why they haven’t responded yet. It could be that they haven’t gone to their ‘Friends’ tab in a while (especially if they don’t gift regularly) so they might not have seen your request. They might not be accepting new friends and so are not responding to you request. They may not be actively playing. Be patient, eventually you will get responses. If you do not, request friendship from other people.


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        Got it, thank you so much!