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  • Smurfberry award for a friend

    What would you think, that you could also leave a smurfberry to your friend ... or if it is not possible, one, then, leave 3 pieces, like when you watch videos, so that our friend can put them together and manage to make his smurfberry !! what do you think? I would be a father no ...

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    Hi Skyblack! A couple of things...

    - Leaving SBs to our friends has already been listed as an idea ‘not planned’, however, I’ve left your suggestion here as that is an old request.
    - Please do not post pictures of other people’s villages. Please only use your own village as an example. I’ve substituted a pic without an identifiable village.
    - Please don’t forget, in the future, to use the search function in the upper left corner of the forum to find whether someone has already started a topic so you can post things pertaining to that issue there. If you don’t see what you want, choose ‘Relevance’ on the search parameters.
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    • Skyblack
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      Ok, Cupcake thank you very much, it is that I am new, although I had already registered, I had not participated, just yesterday I knew how to do a new theme and that moved me, a thousand apologies it will not happen again,

    • Cupcake
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      Skyblack Absolutely no apologies necessary- we are glad that you are here and participating! Your idea is one we would all love, and hopefully they will reconsider it!