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[NP] Please allow us to choose the area we want to place our prizes

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  • [NP] Please allow us to choose the area we want to place our prizes

    Please allow us to select the area (mv, island, mountain, planet) where we want to place the prizes we win from the minigames (Naughties, Lucky, Pirate, etc.). The selection bar can be similar to the selection bar on EO purchases where areas we can't place the item is greyed off. (e.g. we may want to place the gnomes we won in the pirate game on the mv or mountain instead of the island) I know this will entail 1 additional step whenever claiming prizes but it will prove valuable when we win a nice sb prize that we want in another area.

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    Oh, yes please. That would be most appreciatet.


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      Would be great! Voted!


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        Really like this idea! Voted!


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          I added my vote. Great idea!!!


          • Tenny
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            Argggh, I fell over this topic and I didn't see it is already marked NP. Sorry. :-(

            See? This happens, when I use "search" first. *grmpf*

          • Silver
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            we have seen some NP ideas get implemented. this one may be as well

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          Good idea for sure!


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            Voted! Great Idea


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              Now that we have the option to purchase mini game prizes from the Rewards Menu can you please please PLEASE let us choose different areas to put them in!!??😭😭😭😭😭🙏

              We especially should be able to put Seasonal mini game prizes in our MV’s where most of our Seasonal deco is!!

              This would be the perfect opportunity to implement this feature!! These adorable prizes need to be in our Main Villages!!💘💘💘

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