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[IP] Add more villains from the Smurfs Cartoon to Smurfs' Village

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  • What I love about the Smurfs (and always did) is their variety of villains and scenarios they involved, so much character and personality.


    • Purple!
      Purple! commented
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      There villains gallery is without equal! It’s hard to believe just how many there are, and so many of they are just the best!

      To pick my favorite would be impossible, I’d say it’s the Great Book of Spells, but I love Gargamel and Balthazar so much too!

    • Baethan
      Baethan commented
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      Mainly speaking of the TV series (which I grew up watching every Saturday morning), my favorites were Hogatha, Gargamel, Bigmouth/Bignose, Balthazar, Chlorhydris and the Wartmongers. Also, their voices were perfect! I don't think anybody could reproduce Paul Winchell's voice for Gargamel!