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[UC] Suggestions for future benefits of being a member in the VIP program

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    As noted on the last page, all the items from the Japanese release please!


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      Special items for coins would be very great! We spend a lot to become a VIP and we have nothing for coins in the menue! That would be really great!


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        Limited time offers that include the exclusive offers from 2 months past. Access to all season items, any time of the year.


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          Think big, right? I have a dream. I would LOVE to roam my own village out of a Smurfs perspective. I would like to have the opportunity not to view it from above, but to change in a mode where I can "walk" through my village.
          "I'm walking from Framers Hut through the crops to my playground, looking up the huge pine trees, ups, don't step on the daisies, use the rose petal pathway. Hey, there is this huge bunny from the Sanctuary and a Smurf is riding it. Hi, Smurf! Mmmh, I should redecorate my Nat Smurfling area. The flowers don't fit very well together."

          I want the possibility to change into 3D-Mode. Now, that's a game worth 200$ and more.


          • Evabevasmurf
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            I like the way you are thinking, Tenny. That is an excellent, absosmurfly wonderful idea!

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          Show Exclusive Sale Offers for a week in the VIP menu! It show the Exclusive Sale longer then non VIP's. -For eg. - non VIP - Exclusive Offer last 30 min. - VIP - Exclusive Offer last 1 week!!!!


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            When the "VIP program" was relaunched it said something about T-Shirts ... where are they? Or even better: phone cases and cases for iPads ... how about coffe mugs or little PVC toys for everyone?
            It's four month to Christmas *hint-hint* ...


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              The VIP section hasn't improved very much. Very few coin items showed up, but new cute, interactive animations and animals show up with every update. Mmmhhh, I'm still hoping for the Anti-withering Hut for less(!) money. And some more items for coins would be nice, too. Fireworks, old EOs, ...


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                Here’s an idea that I know has been floated in the past....XP Producing Storage.

                I know Bongfish has been most concerned about game balancing - not allowing it to be too easy, but maybe this can be a nice reward for those that have spent real money on the game, to have the ability to tuck away XP producing items, thus clearing up space in their village while still being able to advance. Maybe getting something useful like this could incentivize people to spend a bit more to get it, plus VIP access to the other items.

                I’m in the 120’s (almost 130) and it takes me a month or more to level up. At the same time my village is a mess of wishing wells and harvest stages and papa balloons that I’ve won. I keep them out because they give XP, but I’d guess that they take up at least a third of my village Yet without them it would take me months and months to rise a single level.

                Since Bongfish is handing the game over to Popreach, this might be a time to implement something cause, well keeping the game balanced isn’t going to be their problem anymore right?


                • SolipsismSmurf
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                  in regard to game balancing, i think it’s unbalanced already. i’m on level 138 and currently it take about 5 million XP to maybee move up 1%, if lucky. it’s definitely unbalanced in that regard because in order to ever level up fast enough with how often they raise the max level, you essentially have to cover your entire areas with xp generators. and even with that, it feels almost virtually impossible to keep up if you actually have the goal of getting to last level. and forget ever leveling up in the higher levels if you enjoy using your space for decorating your areas. it is one aspect of the game which doesn’t make total sense to me. :P
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                • skydiver118
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                  It does seem that an original goal was to keep people from maxing out, probably with the theory that if they max out they will stop playing. But we know that’s not true.
                  I do share your frustration with leveling. I’m in the high 120’s and it takes me a couple of months or more to level up. (I don’t exactly keep track). I gotta admit it’s gotten to the point that I don’t even bother with Tracker because the tiny 3-4% boost isn’t worth the time it takes.

                  So I don’t disagree with you. Part of me gets the game balancing, the other part, the high level player? Would really love some help to level up more than 3-4 times a year.

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                Here’s an example of my village. I used photoshop to smash it all together. See all the space taken up by papa balloons, harvest stages, wishing wells? I didn’t buy th oes, but have won them over the past 5 years or so. If an item gives XP I keep it out, if not, I use the exchange hut to sell it back, but see how crowded my village is just with prizes from games? This is what XP giving storage could do, free up all that space.

                I know the developers struggle with the constant requests for more space while they also try to keep the game footprint small - more space means more memory, but long term players end up with huge collections of prizes they have won with no where to put them.

                I know there are concerns with game balancing and those that fill their villages with XP producing things to level up quickly....well so what? So they level up fast. Heck once you break the 70’s you level up so slowly that it’s a long slog. And over level 100, well it takes me a month or two to level up. But why does it matter if I max out the game?

                I don’t want to store all those wells and such because without them I may level up 3-4 times a year (meaning to go from level 129 - 154 would take me another 5 years or so).

                But if XP storage was available maybe the developers could stop working on fitting in land expansions because players would have more usable room.

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                  I am all for a Xp storage of some sort. I do not like my golden unicorns but desperately need them to generate Xp. If only I could store them in something and still harvest the xp I would be so delighted.


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                    Can we revisit the idea to all VIPs to gift items from their storage or even their stores of resources? I have a wealth of item and resources I’d love to give those who have been consistent grifters to my village