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Mountain Artifacts should give out daily resources!!

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  • Mountain Artifacts should give out daily resources!!

    I can't believe it took me 6 MONTHS to finally collect 4 pieces for a single artifact on the Mountain and to my disgust it doesn't even give out any kind of resource reward system...??

    Is this a joke?? AND they cost 10 SMURFBERRIES a piece meaning you can spend 40 smurfberries on an artifact that may not even look good or suit your village layout and get absolutely NOTHING for it... my first artifact was a dumb pillar.. yay *eye roll*..

    What a joke...

    So my idea.... make the artifacts give out resources like Homnibus' Smurf Tome Crystal Statues gives out rewards in the village... and add more artifacts with each update

    Far out what a missed opportunity and complete waste of time...

    And another idea... the developers should play the game themselves...