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[IA] Add a Jeep or Dune Buggy for the Island area that our Smurfs can interact with and then drive around in!

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  • [IA] Add a Jeep or Dune Buggy for the Island area that our Smurfs can interact with and then drive around in!

    I love the Smurf Wagon -and so do my Smurfs, judging by how often I see them cruising around the Main Village in it- and would love to place the extra one I have in GM's storage on the Island... but, it doesn't really fit the style of the Island.

    A jeep or a dune buggy would be perfect to take Smurfs on tours and joyrides around the safari parks and beach!
    Maybe it could be a hair smaller than the Smurf Wagon cuz that sucker is huge!

    The jeep in the Safari Items menu is a good look. I just can't see that big ol' Wagon cruising through the zebra enclosure or other safari areas.

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    Love this! This jeep from the safari items really would look cool driven around the area! The wagon indeed is a bit.. moderate climate zone. It doesn't really suit the island or safari theme.


    • happybird
      happybird commented
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      😱 I thought the jeep was broken down, sunk in the mud, deco purposes only! That's why I've never bought it!

    • AlleycatttSmurf
      AlleycatttSmurf commented
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      happybird it would be nice if items that had smurf interactions mentioned them! Here’s a gif of what they look like driving. There are some layering issues with some items as usual, but I like how the ride is kinda bumpy☺️

      I still like the dune buggy idea though!

    • Evanna
      Evanna commented
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      Ohhh! I didn't know that! Like happybird I assumed it was a stationary item and never bought it because of that.

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    Thank you so much for the info and the gif, Alleycat! I bought a jeep today and was stoked to find out it is tap-able, too! 🎉
    For 10 whole minutes I kept activating it and watching my Smurfs joyriding around the Island. The size is perfect, and you are so right- the bumpy ride is great!

    I still can't believe it's been in the Menu all this time, I've looked at it probably hundreds of times and was always like, "eehhh ... 20SB is kind of a lot for a broken down jeep deco... maybe I'll get it later ... " and have been missing out on the jeepy fun!😄

    It's been a good day in the Village- I finally dug up the last piece for the giant Smurf Head artifact on the Mountain and started the final phase of the Pirate Ship. 😊

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