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[ND] Please add the Castle from the "Land of the Wildly Beast King" cartoon episode as a new Smurfy Wonder!

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  • [ND] Please add the Castle from the "Land of the Wildly Beast King" cartoon episode as a new Smurfy Wonder!

    In the episode 'Poet's Writers Block" from season 5, we are first introduced to the Wildly Beasts!

    Deep within Smurf Forrest is the land of the Wildly Beast King! I have to say this episode was a highlight of classic 1980's Smurf's animation! The episode had not only adventure, but lots of humor as well! The King's castle is so unusual that it is awesome, and deserves to make it to SV as a new Smurfy Wonder! Just take a look at it! There is just so much to love about this one of a kind castle, I think my favorite part of it is how the drawbridge chains go up the nose of the stone Wildly Beast face on the castle entrance!

    It was Poet Smurf who first ventured onto the Land of the Wildly Beast King, and the Wildly Beast who discovered him were a bit confused by a creature that had no horns, one even took the time to ask Poet where he hangs his socks at night without horns of his own to hang them on.

    The land of the Wildly Beast King was going through some dark times, and the Wildly Beast were sure that Poet was the one that could help their King!

    The Wildly Beast are only slightly taller than your average Smurf, and because of that small size they ride large forrest rats that on extreme situations go at a blinding speed of full 'hippity hop'!

    The Wildly Beasts are usually noble and peaceful creatures, but because of the stress put on them by having their Wildly Beast Princess under a spell they have become distrustful of others.

    It was a bit of a coincidence that it was Poet Smurf who found his way to the land of the Wildly Beast King, because the Wildly Beast Princess was under an evil spell that could only be broken by a heartfelt poem which was sad enough to make the reader of the poem cry, ironically poems like that are Poet's specialty!

    Unfortunately, it was the one time that Poet Smurf was having writers block!

    Please consider adding to our villages the castle from the Land of the Wildly Beast as a new Smurfy Wonder! Also don't forget to add the Wildly Beast King and Wildly Beast Princess, we need a couple of those rideable forest rats that go full hippity hop too!

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    Behold the Wildly Beast Princess! The jewel of the Wildly Beast Kingdom!

    An evil wizard desired her hoof in marriage, because obviously she is the most beautiful Wildly Beast in the World!

    But when she refused, the wizard was so angry he cast a spell on her so she had no feelings and could never love again!

    The Wildly Beast King searched all the land trying to find a poet who's words were more powerful than magic, and for one hundred years he was unsuccessful at finding one. This was a dark episode, but it did have a happy ending, because after some adventures, it was Poet who saved the day!

    Without spoiling too much, Poet Smurf broke through his writers block and wrote a truely touching poem, that was so sad that when the King read the poem to his daughter he broke into tears, breaking the one hundred year old spell!

    We know more Smurfy Wonders are on the way Beeline, but instead of giving us non canon Wonders, how about giving us one from the cartoon, like the castle from the Land of the Wildly Beast King!
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      This would sure be ten thousand times better than the build a bear workshop!! Two thumbs up!


      • Purple!
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        Thank you so much Evabeva! I am so disheartened by your current situation, hopefully when the Land of the Wildly Beast comes to our game Beeline will have resolved the Android cloud save issue and the Wildly Bests will be able to frolic in your current village!

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      Yes! Yes! Yes! Love the princess, though I think she would look better with pink lipstick!


      • Evabevasmurf
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        You are right, Cupcake. Red isn't really her color.

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      Ok, if you really can't do the castle, which I think would be a great Smurfy Wonder, at the very least add in the awesome Wildly Beasts!


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        Um yes please!! This would all be so awesomel!!

        We also need their awesome Rat steeds! I want my smurfs to ride them😅😅😅
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          Yes, please. We need all the characters from the Smurf's cartoons and comics. The more the smurfier! Some of the lesser-known characters are the best. And they all give the smurfs their smurfy, smurftastic, awesome appeal. Even the ones not everyone likes. And pink lipstick would be just fine with me!


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            We still need these guys! Please consider adding them in a future update!


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              Can’t we at least get this princess!


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                Here is the link to the episode

                PopReach if your having trouble finding the episode here is a link, We need the castle and the Wildlybeasts!



                • AlleycatttSmurf
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                  I hope PopReach is watching the cartoon episodes for update inspiration😅🤞🤞🤞