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  • Harmony’s music shop

    Finally, I got the long coveted harmony’s music shop last week, but was a bit disappointed about how little I could do with the magical instruments, the special bell sound effect was even the same as christmas bell. There are more interesting things we can actually do with these three instruments. I wish, though it might be really hard to accomplish, I could play those instruments in game, or make our own BGM, like piece together different tunes/melodies and make it a song, even better if I could share it with my friends. I love the menu theme and background musics, but I hope there will be more music smurfs’ village.
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    I found this wonderful idea posted years ago. I am very grateful, we do have plenty of animated instruments now, sadly they are not played with music. I really want more classic smurfy songs in my villages.


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    I fully share your thoughts. For the first time, I thought it would be much more fun and enjoyable. But, turned out, the possibilities of playing various melodies are highly limited.