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Hollywood Themed Items?

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  • Hollywood Themed Items?

    What about Hollywood themed items?

    - Celebrity smurf (a female smurf in a pretty gown???)
    - concert hall / arena / stage
    - paparazzi
    - smurfs as fans of the celebrity
    - billboard ads
    - trailer truck / van
    - walk of fame as tiles
    - Oscars-inspired Wonder
    - Film Director smurf

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    I’m not a Smurf expert, but many of my colleagues here on the forum can anyone tell me if there was ever a connection with Hollywood? This is one idea I really don’t fancy, sorry, ians.village. but that’s my personal opinion. I could possibly be persuaded if there’s canon history....otherwise, if it’s adopted by the developers, then others, at least, will enjoy it!

    However, I do remember Hollywood Boulevard recreated by IslandLife. (Posted in September last year) - as you would expect, a nice tongue-in-cheek take on the idea! Often, I think, the best parts of peoples’ villages are the parts their own imagination creates for fun!
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    • Cupcake
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      No connection that I know of. Except for the one movie, I don’t know of Smurfs interacting with the current human world. Even though they go on adventures, it is usually historical or magical.

      AlleycatttSmurf or Purple! might have some input...

    • AlleycatttSmurf
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      I don’t count the live action movies as canon and still refuse to watch them. So I don’t know anything about them🙈

      The Smurfs in the cartoon and comics only interacted with folks from medieval times, and then when they were time traveling to pre-historic times etc. I personally think we already have too many modern items in the game, and wouldn’t be into a Hollywood theme.

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    I only know of the 2 live action/CGI films having any interaction with modern day things as the setting Peyo had was originally in medieval times. Any interaction with humans in the comics/cartoon was with knights, royalty, traveling merchants, wizards, bandits etc. and they went to farms, villages, castles.

    Having said that, there is a lot already in the game that doesn't quite fit with canon either - like billboards, smurfs waiting for buses, telephone booths, camper vans lol

    I think it'll come down to how popular the idea becomes and if the devs want to try it.

    I'm a definite traditionalist and I never much cared for celebrities, so I can't say the idea appeals to me, sorry. ^^;


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      We do have a few items like this already on the mountain, with the Smurfy Theatre Wonder and the red carpet and velvet rope fencing and a smurf with a studio camera. A group of photographer smurfs with Smurfette coming to pose in front of them would be fun but its not a theme I would really interact with I don’t think. I’m sure you could construct something along those lines with the items already in the game tho. If you do, post a pic, I’d love to see it! 😀


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        I think the idea could work, I don’t remember anything like this in the cartoon, so it would all depend on how they made the items and if they looked like they belonged in the Smurfs world. They did a group of PVC cinema Smurfs, which were really cute. If they made them look like them I would be way more into it.

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        We also had the movie theater in our villages, so it’s not really breaking new ground.

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        Again, if they designed them to look like they were from the classic cartoon and comic, and did not give them ridiculous over the top outfits and huts, I think it could work for our game.

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