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[ND] Increase the range and timer for the Purple Smurf and Bzzz Fly Mini-Event

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  • [ND] Increase the range and timer for the Purple Smurf and Bzzz Fly Mini-Event

    Please extend the flight duration of the Bzzz Fly and enlarge the time we have, to find the Purple Smurfs. The flying time of the Bzzz fly lasts only 30 seconds. Then all Smurfs are blue again. The time is not sufficient. In my village with a lot of things I lose the fly fast out of sight. We need a longer flying time and afterwards also a sufficient time to search the Purple Smurfs.

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    It is a very short game. I was a bit disappointed too. It should be twice as long.


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      I too wish they would stay purple longer! I would love to see a bunch of the Smurfs turn purple, the game happens so fast the fly just gets a few. We should also get more XP from each purple Smurf to really make the game worth playing!


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        Agreed!! The fly goes around very fast and you hardly have time to catch Purple smurfs. Besides that I would like them to stay purple a while longer because I simply love the sight of them! Increasing the xp rewards would be a big plus too.


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          Right. We paid real money on the Purples and we deserve longer gameplay and XP for 9,99. Today the fly infected the last three Smurfs and I had no chance to collect them. 300 XP gone because the time was up.


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            I just purchased this from the Rarity shop and I’m a bit confused. Where are the purple smurfs? I didn’t see any! How does this game work?


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              Purple! commented
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              Once you activate the game the purple fly will roam the village looking for Smurfs to bite. They do not turn purple until until the Smurf is bit.